Siphonless Big Mouth Bubbler

Which would be the better fermenter… Glass or Plastic?..
And how would I chill the fermenter if need be it looks to big/tall to fit in a cooler

I have one of each. I tend to like my glass one a bit better and it seals really well with the universal lid. Each have their strengths and weaknesses. The glass is shorter if you are worried about height. The plastic is much lighter when moving it and will not break like the glass one if I catch it wrong. Like I said…I like them both so it is hard to say and I do not use one more than the other.


When you choose a fermenter get one that will fit in whatever you use to control fermentation temperature. Temperature is more important than the type of fermenter you use.


Would either fit in a 52 quart Igloo Cooler?

I would think you could stand yer cooler on end and put frozen jugs on the shoulders of yer fermentor… I like Brew Cats suggestion best tho…. Sneezles61

I’m not a real fan of my glass BMB, it’s just too freakin heavy when full; a bit over 55 lbs. A brew hauler is pretty much required. Tough to move without kicking up yeast cake on bottling day. The bit I’m really not fond of is when it gets a bit slippery as I clean it.


I’m not wanting to buy any more glass stuff fer brewing… I’m on an adventure to using kegs for fermenting… trial and error based of course… Sneezles61

I love the portablity of the BMB, but when cold crashing the sides get sucked in by the vacuum
created inside. Never had that problem with glass.

Using an S-style airlock will prevent this from happening.

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Since I ferment in a chest freezer and knowing the CO2 is laying in the chest I pull my blow off tube up just out of the water in the growler til the brew gits to temp, then I’ll dunk it back into the water. Sneezles61

I stick it in the chest freezer no airlock. Starsan soaked paper towel over the hole