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Siphoning beer to keg?

Hello i know been highly active on this forum but i just get back into brew after 6 year… But i went to siphoing into the keg i fill the hose with star-san an took the other end of the hose put it on the racking cane an started the siphon in which i let the star-san in the hose go out with the beer into my keg with the beer . now is there harm in what i done i know i may of lower my fg down little but i hoping there no flavor affect or anything like that

You are good …no worries


Nope nothing to worry about. I betcha you won’t even notice any difference in taste or FG.

How about buying one of these?: ... necks.html

Then you wouldn’t have to worry about it.

you did not harm the beer but you could drain the star san from the hose first into another container then siphon the beer into the keg.

I agree with no harm, but I do this ^

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