Single tap to 2 or more

I’m adding a second tap to my keggerator and want to replace the one it came with (it sticks if not used for a couple of days) while I’m at it so which faucet that northern brewer carries do you guys recommend (have a gift card)? Is it the Perl Faucet - Stainless Steel SKU: K289 that everyone talks about?

Is it a good idea to go with a second regulator or is a multi distributer fine? I’m really not that picky about the exact CO2 pressure a beer should be as I do it to personal preference instead of a chart but still.

And does anyone know how to make a thermostat go below 40 degrees?

Thanks in advance

Correct on the faucet.

Distributor is fine. Unless you want different carbonation levels.

Thermostat below 40. I’m guessing you are talking about a fridge. Get an external thermostat like in my signature line. Plug the fridge to that. Then find the thermostat on the fridge and fool it into thinking its warm with a heat source, like a night light.

You’ll really enjoy the Perlicks and wish you had changed sooner.

I could quote this a thousand times and it could not be more true.