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Single tap dual gauge regulator?


Anyone want a single outlet dual gauge regulator? Had it for a week but I am already so enamoured with kegging I’m going to run 2 kegs at once, so I’m considering selling the brand new single regulator and buying the dual.

Anyone interested, please send a pm.

I know you can extend them, but the NB price makes it more expensive than buying the dual - so i figured I’d ask here :slight_smile:

You can add a T to the outlet with backflow preventers on each, probably cost you less than $10.

Or you can keep it for use with the portable setup you are going to want later. :wink:

Both posts are valid ideas.

@shadetree: Yeah, but then i can’t pressurize and serve at the same time :frowning:

@baratone: that one may win out. :stuck_out_tongue: a bit expensive this hobby… :wink:

@baratone: that one may win out. :stuck_out_tongue: a bit expensive this hobby… :wink: [/quote]

Did you just figure that out :shock:

Rather than try to sell, you can buy a single gauge primary regulator (without the CGA-320 CO2 nipple, or you can remove it) of the same make and connect it to your first regulator with a straight pipe nipple. You remove the high pressure gauge from the original regulator and put it on the second one. Some manufacturers use left hand threads and some use right hand, you can tell which when you remove the high pressure gauge.

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