Sinamar with Beersmith

Can anyone tell me how to use Sinamar in Beersmith? I need to adjust the color in a recipe from Shut Up About Barclay Perkins, and Kristen has a caramel adjustment. I know that you can use Sinamar to make the adjustment, but I don’t know how to put it into Beersmith. Any help would be very appreciated!

I put it in ProMash as an L of 2500.
If I add too much it gives a dark caramel flavor.

Why bother with Beersmith to use sinamar? Beersmith (or any other program) just gives an approximation of the finished color of your beer, actually YMMV. When I use sinimar I just pour a 6 oz sample of the beer and then use sinamar drop by drop until I get the color I want. Then, scale it up for the full batch as needed.

I pour a little in the kettle, then use a Pyrex measuring cup to pull a sample and look at it. Adjust from there as needed.


Say, I just got the latest BYO mag and they have a Schwarzviertler Clone recipe that requires Sinamar. I’m not really interested in Sinamar (a search on the Northern Brewer website appears that it can’t either find it, or it’s not sold by NB anymore). I guess I would buy it for ease of use in this recipe, but couldn’t I just add more carafa (also required in the recipe) to bump it up? If so, does anyone have a Carafa (I, II, or III) conversion to Sinamar calculator?

Oh - the recipe calls for 0.64 oz of Sinamar in 5 gallons. I usually make 5.5 gallon batches.

So make it .7 then.

You can kinda make your own Sinamar by cold steeping carafa and then adding the liquid like you;d ad Sinamar. Cold steeping info is here… ... index.html