Simple Starter Question.

I am set up to do simple starters and I don’t have any intention of getting a stir plate anytime soon. I am going to be making a lager that will require a pretty heavy dose of yeast. So heavy in fact that my one gallon jug won’t be able to handle the 15 quart starter (6 quarts with two packages of yeast… can’t handle that either). Has anyone ever done a two quart starter, crashed and decanted and then performed a second two quart starter on top of the yeast cake? I think I’ve heard of this in the past but can’t remember any of the details. Does anyone know how to figure the formula to hit the proper cell count?

Read through this. ... geID=59851

I use this site/chart for stepping up starters: ... -large.jpg

These are numbers without aeration so intermittent shaking or a stir plate will yield higher cell counts.

PERFECT! Thanks.

I am doing the same thing right now with 2 smack packs of Kolsch for a 22 gal batch this weekend. Timely advice, thanks.