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Simple Quick Sour?

Will this work for a simple, quick, basic sour cherry ale?

6pounds vienna
5pounds wheat
4oz acid malt

1oz mt hood @ fwh

us05 yeast

start mash at 152F, mash for 24hours.

sour cherrys after 10days added to primary

keg after 1 month

That’s not nearly enough acid malt to get any sourness. You’ll need at least 20% of your grist to be acidulated malt.

Are you intending to do a sour mash? 24 hours may not be enough time, depending on temperature and how much (and what) you use to inoculate the mash.

hard to do a quick sour, maybe a berliner weisse would be your best bet of you want somethign quick and I would still say 3 months for that

Yeah i’m expecting to get most of the sourness from the 24hour mash. The small percent of acid malt is just an aid. I also heard the cherrys to will add some tartness.

Will i need to sanitize my mashtun after this?

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