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Simple chiller question

So, I have been thinking about buying a wort chiller and I see NB has a deal where you get a free chiller with the purchase of a Megapot. This looks like a good way to upgrade my pot AND get a chiller in the process.

I have a feeling that the chiller in question is actually shorter than the height of the pot. Is this going to be a problem having the entire chiller, including the in/out connections sitting inside the pot? I always assumed the hose connections should be siting outside the pot.

**Edit: Hmm … it is for pots 15g and larger which is way, way bigger than I need. Still, I would be curious to know the answer!

The hose connections should be outside the pot for obvious reasons. Would be a better deal if they would offer a choice of pot sizes.

Many immersion chillers come in a tight coil and are meant to be gently pulled apart to fit your pot. Do this slowly and try to leave most of the coils at the top were the most coiling is needed. I often put my chiller in the pot and push the coil down or expand it because the level has changed. Just go slow and do not kink the tubing. It really is not hard to do.

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