Simple ale

what can I do with these ingredients… I like a simple golden ale…I am doing 1 gallon batch
I have 2 row regular malt
medium crystal malt
cascade hops
1056 Wyeast american ale
can I get a decent ale out of these…???

Simple is a beautiful thing.
I’d go this route:

8lbs @row, mashed at 152°F (I’ve also done it at 154°F a few times)
4 to 6 oz of the medium crystal added at sparge
sparge 6 gal,
boil 1 hour with cascades calculated for about 35 IBU
Add about .5oz of the cascades for the last 5 or 10 minutes.
cool and ferment (with a post boil hop stand if you like)

I’ve made the above quite a few times over the last 35 years. It’s great tasting after fermentation and carbonation, but even better if you cold condition it for 4-6 weeks (or longer).
Very simple and very tasty (and sometimes a lot more refreshing than so much of the overdone crap on the store shelves nowadays). :mrgreen:

i am doing 1 gallon batches,so I divide by 5??
if you add the crystal only for the sparge ,it must be good to only have a hint of it??

I think adding crystal at the sparge gets color and not much if any sweetness, fermentables…Sneezles61