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Simcoe, Citra & Galaxy Double IPA

90 minute boil?

No 60 min hop additions?

You have thrown me with no bittering. Kinda having problems imagining all that aroma with no bite.


an IPA without a 60min bittering addition doesn’t really seem like an IPA at all.

I’m also not sure where you are getting your numbers. I plugged this into BeerSmith and I’m getting an OG of 1.053 and an IBU of 0.2.

The IBU being that low is due to there being almost no time for the alpha acids to boil long enough to bitter your beer.

Edit: Sorry, I thought that looked wrong. I had the wrong settings on BeerSmith, it’s 1.071 OG and 45.1 IBU. Still very low for bittering.

I’m getting 23 IBU’s from the Simcoe with 1.73 gallons starting volume in Beersmith. I say brew what you want. At such a small volume the worst that happens is you have a few bad beers. I’m a big fan really bitter beers so that’s just my preference. A 40 IBU IPA is right at the low end of the spectrum but it would still fit in with the style.

I could be wrong, but I thought if you used pils you needed a 90 min boil due to DMS….

You do not need to worry about DMS in pilsner extract, it has already been boiled.

If it were all grain that would be a consideration.

Assuming the calculations you outline are correct…

You might find that a calcularted IBU for a beer dominated by late hops additions does not exactly match in perceived bitterness what another beer with same IBU where there is alot of early hopping in a traditional bittering addition.

So keep that in mind if you taste this ~70 IBU beer. If you want more of a kick from bitterness you could adjust the next recipe to have maybe 15-20 IBU form a 60 min addition even if the overal IBU might be kept similar.

But I think you have a great recipe to start with.

[quote=“Duff34”]When you plugged in my recipe to BeerSmith2 did you do custom setting where Batch Vol. - 1.25 gal, Boil Vol. - 1.73 gal and Bottling Vol. - 1 gal? I just want to make sure I’m not screwing something up because I’m fairly new to using beersmith. However, I keep getting similar results using Brewer’s Friend Calculator and Cal. where my Total IBU’s are around 67-73.

I modified the equipment profile and used a boil vol of 1.73, a constant boil off of 0.48 and 0 loss to trub and chiller to get a final batch volume of 1.25. I don’t think bottling volume should make much of a difference but i set it to 1. I was using default boil offs in the stats i posted before. making these changes I’m getting:

1.084 OG
57.1 IBU’s (Tinseth)

31.1 IBU from 0.25oz Simcoe @ 25 min
12.0 IBU from 0.20oz citra @ 10 min
14.0 IBU from 0.20oz galaxy @ 10 min

0 minute and dry hop add no IBU’s

I’m using Pale Liquid Extract for the super structure but I don’t believe that would make a difference.

Have you set any of the fermentables as late additions in Beersmith? That would bump the IBU’s up.

Bah, operator error as expected. Not sure how I completely didn’t see those 5 minute additions.

All my IPA’s I’ve used golden light DME with some C40 and a little bit of other specialty malts. I’ve actually never used pilsner extract in any recipes.

Another thing to note is that if you whirlpool for awhile you’re going to pick up some bitterness. Here is a thread where someone did an IPA by only added hops at flame out and let them steep for 30 min. viewtopic.php?f=1&t=117727 It certainly requires A LOT of hops but I’ve done the same and liked the results though I now do most of my pale’s and ipa’s with a bit of FWH, a bit of bittering at 60 min and then a whole pile of hops for a 30 min whirlpool/stand (dry hop too).

Flip, I am curious what your conversion factor is, from “a whole pile” to oz?

Looking back at IPA’s and Pales I’ve done and liked I’m usually around 3-4 oz for a Pale and 4-6 oz for an IPA. I’ve been tempted to try more like Zwiller did in the thread I linked but that is a whole lot of money in hops.

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