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Simcoe as a bittering hop

I ordered some Willamette hops awhile ago and was sent simcoe hops instead I already had enough simcoes for the times I’d want to use them for flavor. Pretty much I have too much of them and was thinking about working them into recipes as bittering additions. I found some guy saying they were horrible and left a minty taste, but he may be alone on that one. Anyone experience anything negative from bittering with them?

There is an all Simcoe kit available on NB that uses Simcoe as bittering. ... n-kit.html

It’s a low gravity cream ale. So I’m not sure how more Simcoe would pan out for an APA or IPA.

         Simcoe is a very good bittering hop, at least for me. 
         A lot of brewers like to use a "clean" hop for bittering like Magnum.
         Minty? Maybe. 
         Other people say Its pine. Others say Catty.
         I call it MEOW.   
        Simcoe is far from "horrible".  Try it, you just might like it.

I’ve used Simcoe for bittering and will happily be doing so again in a couple months. It is a very low cohumulone hop, which in theory produces a less harsh bitterness.

I recently brewed the Simcoe IPA from Midwest and it uses all simcoe hops. It turned out fantastic and is actually my fave beer in the keezer right now.

Its described as a dual purpose hop with high bittering potential and low cohumulone. I just think people weren’t using it for this back when it first came out and was the hot hop of the season, and subsequently was in short supply. Now that its not as trendy, you can use it however you want.

Simcoe makes an excellent bittering hop and as long as you have plenty to burn, I highly recommend you try it. Maybe FWH, 60-min, and a large flameout addition to really get a good feel for it.

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