Silicone tubing life

How often does everyone change the high temp silicone tubing on their breweries? I’ve brewed regularly on my for over two years now and its looking a bit rough. FWIW I clean with hot PBW immediately following each brewday. Sanitizer used is Starsan.

My system is seven years old and they are original. I usually only run hot water through from the HLT after use and clean once in a while. I do not use sanitizer since everything gets boiled after.

I have had to cut the ends and re-clamp when a leak springs from use.

Same as what Mark said. However, last month I built my son a 15 gallon setup and in doing so, I bought a 50’ roll of 1/2" thermoplastic tubing. Since I had it, I went ahead and replaced all mine. It was still in pretty good shape but I did it anyway.

I had my old silicone lines for five years prior to building my 1BBL rig. All new lines now, but you should get good life out of them. I also run hot PBW and Starsan through my lines.