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Silicone Stopper ... ented.html

Anyone have experience with these? Sounds like peace of mind for a 3 year lambic.

Something like these are used for wine secondaries or solid silicone bungs are utilized in barrel aging where some O2 interaction is expected and encouraged in many cases of red wines. But I question using silicone for beer due to permeability of oxygen over long periods.
Regular pitched beers I would want no/low O2, but being a lambic I dont know if O2 matters whatsoever. If it matters to you, checkout the PDF linked below that spells out permeability of different stoppers and airlocks typically used for brewing.

I vote for a regular rubber bung, drylock and glass carboy if long term Or if outflow of gasses have ceased, top up if you have access to more lambic, boil/cool water to lower O2 first or use sanitized marbles etc… Then solidly insert a solid wood, cork bung meant for oak barrels or solid rubber bung works the same if not better then the other two into the opening of a glass carboy and come back 3 years later. ... 0Study.pdf
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