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Sign's of fermentation?

Ok I am going to brew this recipe an it telling me to ferment at a certain temperature for 4 to 5 day’s before ramping it up. Now is this calculated the day’s from the time I pitching the yeast into the wort or from the first sign of active fermentation. Meaning basically am I waiting for the start of fermentation before i call it day 1 of the 4 to 5 day’s before I start the ramping up

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Yes. Thats it. Only think i would check. Keep your temp under control.

Unless you use Kveik yeast.

If it says ferment for 4-5 days, then that’s what they mean. Unless it specified anything further. There are multiple stages of fermentation and the moment you pitch your Yeast, the clock starts and the process has begun. Now don’t let looks fool you; depending on the beer style using colder or hotter temps for fermenting, your activity level may appear different. Also your yeast health, fermentable sugars, oxygen, and stable temps all play very important rolls in a good fermentation, especially at the very beginning.

Me only use kveik yeast. Works perfect with the hot climate here. Holpa after four days. Signs of slowing down. And grav almost where it needs to be. But still. Stay with the four to six weeks fermenting

Sorry one last thing, if your batch is healthy and is under stable conditions, you could possibly see airlock activity within 6 hours. Now if you go 3 days and there isn’t ANY movement at all, then you have a problem.

I wouldn’t say a problem after 3 days, but that is the point I do git nervous. Some yeasts just lolligag along, be it older, or the stage just not set right. Sneezles61

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