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Sight glass on boil kettle

I am finishing building my three tier gravity system. I want to put sightglass/therm combos on both my HLT and my boil kettle. Is it ok to put a sight glass on a boil kettle?

Absolutely. I have one on mine. I might make a guard for it as heat from the burner sometimes makes the wort in the tube boil.

Is that a problem? the rest of the wort is boiling away anyways right? Also, I am trying to find the cheapest way to do it. I found 5/8" X 12" length of glass tubing online. it’s only $3. Not sure if glass is ok.

Not a problem, but if it gets hot enough it can shoot out the top of the sight glass-dangerous. Plus, if it’s boilinh in the sight glass, you can’t read the volume.

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Gotcha. Thanks.

The Blichmann boilermakers have the sight glass, ball valve and thermometer all in the same area of the kettle, and send a rectangular piece of steel to place under that side of the kettle to shield the plastic on the ball valve handle and the thermometer from excessive heat. It seems to work fine, and you can put your hand on the thermometer face without getting burned even when at a full boil. Keeps the sight glass protected as well.

I don’t see why you need a thermometer on a boil kettle. Boiling is boiling.

I don’t have either on my BK. Had a therm when I used an IM coil for cooling. Removed it when I went CFC. I use a stainless rod marked for pre-boil volume.

Chilling. Not needed, but handy.

A thermometer on a boil kettle is certainly not necessary in my opinion, but I have one on mine and it comes in handy when I am focused on doing other things and want an idea of how close I am to reaching a boil for my first hop addition. It also helps me to avoid a boil over if I am running my burner full blast.

I use my boil kettle to heat my mash water as well, where the thermometer is very handy, and as others have said, helps to know when you are getting close to boiling, and useful during chilling. Don’t really need it during the boil though. At some point I may use the blichmann as a mash tun as well, so the thermometer would be useful then.

Chilling. Not needed, but handy.[/quote]
Yes, very handy. Also handy to show how much time you have until a boilover so you can run downstairs to get a few things.

I thought this post was about a sight glass on a boil kettle, to me it’s more of a pain in the rear and not needed what’s wrong with a stick with gallon marks on it. A thermometer to me is a must for the reasons given boiling and chilling.

The only reason I was considering it is for cooling and pitching. It would be nice to have a temp guage to see whin i hit pitching temp instead of checking with a thermometer over and over and risking contamination.

You can install a thermometer without a sightglass.

Do you ever post a comment and then wish you had a time machine so you could go back and not write it cause it was stupid? Haha. Ya I guess i could just do a thermometer. Don’t know why that didnt occur to me. I just had a combo on the mind because im doing a combo on my HLT. Thanks.

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