Sierra Nevada Recipes in BYO

Anybody see these in the last issue? Interesting stuff, most of them were simple grain bills. I guess you have to keep it that way when you mass produce brew. They also use Magnum as a late addition and dry hop, I hadn’t seen that before.

I’m looking forward to brewing the Ruthless Rye and the Bigfoot recipes.

Not quite the same recipe as this one from the brewery.


Looks quite close, the BYO is just a little lighter OG.

I thought I deleted this thread, I re-posted it in the recipes section with more info.

Having a Celebration right now. I had thought about brewing this, but I have to say I’m not a big fan of it. It’s great, but just a little on the bitter side to me where I prefer aroma and taste. I’ve been cloning the PA for years so that’s not any help.

I hate that they quit making the Wheat beer, I thought it was good. Do they still make Anniversary?
At any rate, I’m glad they printed those, would have loved to have had that a few years ago, and will probably brew something from it anyway. Cool magazine. Hopefully that article helps out a lot of newer brewers.

Hey Norman. I see you are “fermenting” a Hop Devil clone. Would you be willing to share the recipe? Is it a close representation of the commercial example? I love that beer!


13.5 lbs Rahr 2 row American Pale Ale
.5 lb Weyerman Light Munich
.5 lb Crisp Crystal 60
.5 lb Weyerman Cara Munich I

Mashed at 151

1 oz Warrior 45 mins 20 AA
.5 oz Kent Goldings 10 mins
.5 oz Cascade 10 mins
1 oz Cascade 5 mins
.5 oz Cascade Dry hop in Fermentor ( I plan to dry hop this in the keg instead )

WLP001 ( I made a starter the day before )

I rec’d this kit as a gift. I was not even aware that it was a clone, so I don’t know how close the recipe is. I will probably keg it this weekend. It will have been in primary 2 weeks by then.

Thanks for sharing!

I suspect we are the exception, but I agree regarding bitterness. I think Boulevard’s Nutcracker is a much better “fresh hop” winter ale. That reminds me: have not had Nutcracker at all this winter. I need to fix that…if I can find it anywhere.