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Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Hop Schedule

I was looking to do something similar to the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale but I don’t have Magnum hop and not enough Perle. I am looking to brew this tomorrow so I was wondering if this hop schedule would work:
Fuggles 5.2% 21.26 g / 0.75 oz Boil 60 mins
Challenger 7.5% 14.17 g / 0.50 oz Boil 30 mins
Cascade 6.4% 28.35 g / 1.00 oz Boil 10 mins
Cascade 6.4% 56.70 g / 2.00 oz Boil 0 mins

Any thoughts or suggestions?? Thanks in advance.

Depends on how close you want it to be. If all you want is to make a decent APA, your schedule is fine. If you want it to be like SNPA, you should wait til you can get Magnum.

Gotcha! I hear ya.

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