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Sierra Nevada Hoptimum 2012

(not my pic)

I’m actually quite disappointed here. I’ve been wanting to try this since it debuted last year, but it wasn’t available in VT until this year.

I bought a four pack, and have dumped the majority of the first two bottles. Too sweet, a bit of harsh alcohol flavor, and it lacks the huge floral hoppyness I’ve gotten recently from IIPAs like Heady Topper and Pliny. Both of those are about 2.5% lower in ABV.

I’ll probably give the last two bottles to a friend… Bottle date puts it at mid february, so it is almost a month old at this point…

That’s too bad, it looks wonderful. I have just recently bought a 4 pack but have not tried it yet. One thing I have going for me based on your review is that I do really like my DIPA’s on the sweet side.

It just started showing up in CT, and I liked it. typical sierra nevada beer though. bigger than torpedo.

+1…I haven’t seen it in the stores here yet, but I will definitely try this one.

Bought some this weekend. I liked it but it is definitely a Sierra Nevada product. Tastes like a bigger version of their other beers.

I haven’t had the beer, but you guys are talking about typical Sierra Nevada beer like it’s a bad thing.


Not a bad thing. Just if you are looking for something “new and different” this isn’t it. Is a good brew but not really anything different.

I rarely find “new and different”. Who does? I’d like to know so I can try it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried it about a month ago and remember thinking that I have never had a beer so sweet and bitter at the same time. Very malty sweet initially, lingering hop bitterness, and a definite alcohol warmth. Very good.

A friend of mine picked up a four-pack for me a month or so back. I agree that Sierra Nevada doesn’t usually veer off their chosen path much stylistically speaking but I’m actually a fan of most of their beers so I was looking forward to this one. The grapefruit and piney hops lets you know you’re drinking an IPA while the nice alcoholic burn tells you it’s a double. It’s not something you’d guzzel after a fight with your lawnmower but give it try with a meal if you’re a double IPA fan.

+2. One for the comment and one for being a member of the tribe from the north brave and bold.

As for Sierra Nevada their collaborations have been impressive as has their Rye IPA. We have their Kellerweis on tap at work right now and it’s getting good reviews from the floor.

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