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Sierra Madre Pale Kit ferment time?

The NB Sierra Madre Pale Ale kit is my 6th brew and first pale ale.

I have a room temp between 60-64 and the yeast was safale 05. I had tremendous, non-stop bubbling for 5 days and then it really tapered off. It tapered off more than 3 different stouts, a porter, an Irish Red, and a Kolsch. Burps are now at about 1/10 minutes.

I have not taken a gravity reading or popped the cover “yet”, but I wanted to see if anyone else had a rapid ferment followed by a big slow down with this particular kit???

Thanks in advance.

BTW…all those cascade hops smell awesome!!

This is not unusual, especially with dry yeast. I have had dried yeast ferment out in 3 days at wort temp of 64*. Remember to watch your ferm temps as this is usually a sign of quick fermentation. If your room is 64* ambient your ferm temops are likely 70*.

Thanks Loopie. WIth an OG that is bigger than the last few brews, the early slow down had me concerned.

Wasn’t sure if it was this particular kit or if anyone else had these issues. I’ll check gravity this weekend, but I am sure you are correct.


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