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Sierra Madre hop additions

I just received my Sierra Madre kit and noticed one of the hop additions called for 2oz. at 0 minutes. My question is: are these 2oz. of hops going into the primary fermenter along with the wort or are they left behind with the sludge on the bottom? It seems to be a waste at 0 minutes.

You can pour the trub into the primary or strain to remove hop debris and break material. The hops are for aroma. The aroma is set by the time you get the wort chilled and ready for the fermentor.
In or out, the hops work has already completed.

That’s kinda what I thought, but wasn’t too sure. Thanks for the help.

How would the beer taste different if I did 1 oz at 2 minutes and then dry hopped the other ounce about a week before bottling (rather than by the instructions, which say 2 oz at end of boil)?

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