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Should I

So I naturally carbed two beers in kegs a couple weeks ago and went to put them on tap tonight. To make sure they were carbonated I pulled a bit to check the level. THEY WERE BOTH TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY INFECTED!!! It’s been a while since I had an infection and sadly had to dumped both batches.

Here is my question: I am worried about the next beer I put in those kegs… totally sure it was not the kegs the gave me the infection but don’t want it to spread to my next beer now that something infected was in there.

Should I replace all the “O” rings and such? They are in good condition but I do have extras on hand and don’t mind doing it. Just asking because I hate to waste when I don’t need too.

Second, should I replace the beverage line in the kegerator too?


I’d say just wash the kegs real good and soak in starsan for a while. Don’t bother with o-rings because they really don’t contact the beer inside the keg. If you want, you can take them off, boil for a few minutes, and put back on.

I would not necessarily replace the rings (unless there was something obviously wrong with them.) I would take everything totally apart though, nice hot soak/scrub in PBW and another long soak in starsan.

I dont know here, I would be awful leary of those o rings and/or the crevices that you didn’t clean by not removing them. If it were me I would dump the beer out in the garden, rinse thoroughly outside and then tear them down completely with good soaks of all parts in PBW or similar to remove all beer stone, hard deposits, dirt. Then a good soak in star san and a reassembly with new o rings. This goes for my lines/ taps also I would just soak do the same procedure also that way I knew without question that I was starting fresh.

Also if you dont already buy bulk o rings from Mcmaster carr they are cheap as dirt.
I will post the numbers in just a little while.

Thanks guys! First thing I did was put some hot Oxy in let them soak and got the beer out of the line. My plan was to break everything down and soak. Since this is the first time this has happened to me thought I would check before going through all the effort for nothing.

Really appreciate the help!

WOW, I found some of my notes quicker than I thought I would. Prices were from years ago so they may be off slightly.

Keg O-rings (Dash# = AS568A specifications)
Dip tube: Dash#109
Post: Dash#111
Lid: Dash#417

Mcmaster Carr (all Buna-n)
Dash#109 Part#9452K172 $1.96 for 100 count
Dash#111 Part#9452K23 $2.15 for 100 count
Dash#417 Part#9452K218 $12.69 for 10 count

Grainger (all Buna-n)
Dash#109 Part#1KEZ6 $2.56 for 100 count
Dash#111 Part#1KEZ8 $3.13 for 100 count
Dash#417 Part# Grainger doesn’t list a AS568 dash# for this part and when looking at something comparable in size they just dont have it which surprised both me and the Grainger clerk at my local store.

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