Should I worry yet?

Yesterday afternoon brewed up NB Honey Brown Ale Extract kit. I did a full boil on it. Had a small boil over but not bad for my first one. Not a whole lot of room in an 8 gallon pot filled with 6 gallons! Cooled to 68 degrees and pitched dry yeast Safale US-05 in five gallons. Had to top off with a little bit of water before pitching yeast to get it back to five gallons. Aerated by rocking the carboy as usual. OG was right on the money with 1.050. I use a Cool Brewing Cooler for fermentation and added one frozen half gallon bottle to get it cooler and this morning it was at 64 degrees according to the fermometer. However this morning there is no krausen forming but I am getting bubbling from the airlock. This is only my 4th brew and this is the first time I did not have a krausen forming or a full blown strong fermentation going overnight. Yeast was pitched about 4pm yesterday. Too soon to worry? Or should I rock it some more to get more oxygen in it? Maybe let the temp rise a little?

Too soon to worry. 24 hrs… A little nervous, 48 it’s growing, 72 it better start now. I learned this the hard way with my first lager. I was surprised that at 8 hrs it didn’t have a big ol’ krausen ring on top of it… Boy how we learn.

Also, oxygen isn’t really necessary with dry yeast in a moderate gravity beer. Yeast cells need oxygen to promote healthy budding, but in the case of dry yeast they’re packaged in a state where they’re all set to go. This isn’t the case with liquid yeast, which absolutely benefit from oxygen in the wort during the lag phase.

But I agree with loopie, it’s too soon to worry. If you have bubbling from your airlock, though, then fermentation has started and you should see a krausen forming within a few hours.

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Thanks for the replies. Just checked and its starting to form the krausen. I guess I just panicked a little bit as the first 3 brews I did were much more aggressive starting out. It sure is nice to have this information base. Greatly appreciated.