Should I transfer to secondary..?

caribou slobber brewed 10 days ago. SG is 1.019… Didn’t have hydrometer for OG… I’m planning to let it sit for 4 more weeks… Work out of town… Should I transfer to secondary to get it off the trub…?? By the way… SMELLS GREAT!!

No real need to transfer it, nothing bad should happen within 4 weeks. Is it currently in a bucket?

It’s in a 6.5 glass carboy, just wasn’t sure if staying on trub that long would be an issue

Nope! It’ll be fine for that amount of time. If you were leaving it for 4 months or so you would probably want to rack it.

That being said, I’m a fan of secondary, and I probably would rack it to a smaller carboy. I find that I get cleaner beer into bottles by transferring it. But your batch will not be ruined if you decide not to do so.

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I’d leave it in the fermenter. I’ve left beers in primary for 3 months with no ill effects.

Don’t know what temperature your SG sample is at, but the SG shown on the hydrometer is rather high for a finished CS.

Was this all grain mashed at 154°F or higher or extract?

It was an extract kit… Had issue with fermentation temp being lil high the temp at reading was about 70 * . Carboy is at 66*

I’m open for ALL CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM … I am a noob… And this is my first batch…

We all started as newbies! I’d suggest just leaving it there until you’re back from your trip, then bottle. Keep it simple. Don’t take any more unnecessary measurements, as it’ll just introduce oxygen and create opportunities for problems. After another 4 weeks, it’ll be done without a doubt.

Good luck! Even if it isn’t perfect, you’ll love drinking it.