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Should i secondary Petite Saison D'ete?

i have a batch of Petite Saison D’ete in the primary right now. the instructions do not say anything about moving to a secondary. would there be any benefit by adding another 2 week in the secondary? I plan on kegging when complete.

I keep mine in the primary for three weeks then bottle.

Secondary in the keg :grinning:


I agree if you keg really no need to secondary. What I have been doing is rack to a keg after a week or two and just keep it at room temperature and bleed it off occasionally for another week two or three or longer if you want . It’s perfectly safe in there. Then I chill it blow out a pint or two then carbonate.

Like @flars says, any small beers (petite) can stay in primary until ready to be packaged. Saison is a great style for this, because it finishes so dry and the characteristic flavors are derived from the yeast itself. 2 weeks is entirely doable, but until you’re pretty comfortable with how the yeast reacts, plan on 3 weeks in the fermentor and measuring your final gravity a couple times.

Want to brew a saison pushing 10%? Better plan on a secondary. Either a carboy or keg.

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