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Should I Return This?

I just got my 10 gallon Tall Boy Kettle tonight and was very happy while I was unpacking it. This is my first real brewing kettle and was pretty content with it for the price. While cleaning it tonight and looking at it a little bit closer I noticed there was a little flaw in the inside, only a couple inches from the bottom. Now I don’t know if I am being picky and all kettles will have these imperfections or is this something I should return cause it is going to cause problems down the road. It seems to have a little chip where something dug into metal side. It almost looks like a flake of metal could be broken off. The chip does not seem to go all the way through the side, but it seems like a place that could hold grime. Here are some pictures, let me know what you think. Thanks!

if NB will take it back, then I think you should. you have waited this long for a good 10 gal kettle, why settle

also, will you spend the next 10 years staring at that dent/flake and being bummed?

Ya I’d send the pictures to NB customer service and ask for a replacement. :frowning:

NorthernB will take it back no problems especially with the good pics, an email will have all resolved I’m sure.

I usually don’t’ question a ding or scratch unless it ran me into the big dollars.
But what you received warrants a second look as that seems like stress fractures or a bad casting in that particular run/batch and it will probably never give issue as we aren’t pressure cooking with the thing or whatnot, but for my dime I would still have peace of mind with a better looking unit.

It looks like something came smashing down on the inside of the pot and left a nasty ding.
Send it back. NB will take care of it.

per other (I think better) comments below, i am deleting mine about it might not making a difference

It’s a gap in the weld where the top is connected to the bottom. Send it back.

[quote=“fightdman”]It’s a gap in the weld where the top is connected to the bottom. Send it back.[/quote] Yep, looks like a bad weld, totally replaceable and I wouldn’t keep it.

Just want to leave an update. I emailed NB customer service and attached the same pictures of my kettle. No other questions asked, they returned it. NB picked up the return shipping, sent the new kettle with one day shipping, and even threw in a free pint glass! I have read many posts in the forums about how NB’s customer service is top notch, and with this experience, they again did not disappoint. Well done NB!

I am not surprised NB came through.

awesome. this hobby already is an amazing one. it is only icing on the cake when you can find 2-3 great companies to help out as well

Dear NB, Looking for a deal on a “scratch & dent” brew kettle :wink:
You did the right thing and so did NB. I would be thinking about the defect or dent every time I used it. Glad they came through.

Glad to hear NB made good, they have always done me right. While the gouged area wasn’t a contamination issue since kettles are self-sterilizing, it could’ve rusted and leaked.

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