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Should I repitch?

Racking a milk stout to secondary after 2 weeks in primary. OG was 1.043, SG now stands at 1.026. If I account for the lactose, the numbers are OG 1.035 and now SG 1.018. Doesn’t seem right to me. Taste is good, hydrometer checks out, aerated the wort more than any other batch so far(shook carboy for about 3 min), took OG of wort after aeration. I’m just worried about bottle carbing since I seem to have a good bit of fermentable sugars left(I think), so I feel like maybe my yeast is done. Should I repitch some s-04? I also plan on adding a tincture I’ve made from vodka, cacoa nibs, and vanilla. If I repitch, should I do that before adding vodka tincture, of after? Or am I just uptight over nothing? Thanks for any advice.

It doesn’t sound too far off to me. What yeast did you use, and at what temperature did you ferment? I would wait until you’re sure it’s done before adding the tincture, because you don’t want to lose any of those aromatics if fermentation kicks back up.

Used S-04 and pitched at 64*. Fermented in the 64-66* range(beer temp). Raised to 70 for the last 5 days. SG has been stable for over a week. Roused the yeast about 5 days ago but did not help. Just seems like 15 points drop is way off, but I’m just going by things I’ve seen here, not experience.

Are you talking about the beer you are discussing in this post from last week?


[quote=“Nighthawk”]Are you talking about the beer you are discussing in this post from last week?




Sorry about screwing this thread up. I’m about as savvy using the forum as I am making beer. Thanks for the help. :oops:

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