Should i re yeast or no

I been beating a dead horse with this topic but one more question(us noobs are neurotic)

Primary 4 weeks @ 68-70
lagering 3-4 weeks @ 32 to drop out yeast(wy1388 does not like to flocculate)
Once bottled the beer will carb 2-3 weeks
then cold condition til christmas
So the question is should i reyeast or no?

This is the final strike i will give this dead horse…thank you

What is your target abv? The only time I’ve ever had problems carbonating was with beers over 9.5%. I assume that’s what you’re getting at here. I’ve had beers sit for a lot longer than 8 weeks before bottling too. There never seemed to be much correlation with that.

After a couple of low- or no-carbonation big beers, I started re-yeasting every beer regardless of aging or ABV - there’s no downside and it ensures fresh yeast for proper carbonation. 1-2g for five gallons is all it takes.

Im shooting for 7-8% abv 88-90% attenuation

Alright cool so even if it is not needed it will not cause ill effect…good to know thank you

Some people reyeast as a matter of course. This is true commercially as well, belgian bottle conditioned beers are almost always reyeasted, often with a different yeast strain. Now one could argue that the belgians do this to make it harder for people to culture their house yeast strain as much as anything else, but regardless they do it and make a quality product.

You probably don’t have to, but it won’t hurt.

If you do, just use whatever yeast you have on hand or can get easily, don’t worry about using the exact strain as the main fermentation. Dry yeast is probably easiest. Just use a little you don’t need the whole pack.