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Should I pitch some 1056?

I have cider that’s been sitting in the fermenter for 2 days now, looks like little to no activity. I opened the bucket and there looks to be a slight yeast film on top, but nothing to say that’s it fermenting. I did put a Campden tablet in, but waiting 2 days before i pitched a packed of Nottingham (rehydrated).

Temp is around 67ish

Tonight, I’m racking a beer that is sitting on 1056 into a keg. Should I take a mason car of that (after rinsing of course) and toss into the cider and see what happens?

Anyone ever use 1056 before? This would be the 4th generation.

Have you taken specific gravity readings? If the specific gravity has fallen at all, then fermentation has begun regardless of whether there is any visual evidence. My guess is that the slight yeast film that you see on top is probably the beginning of fermentation, and you don’t need to do anything else. But if you wanted to add some fresh 1056 since you’ll have it available, it won’t hurt the cider at all. Go for it, if you want. Or don’t. I think your cider will probably be okay either way. I haven’t used 1056 for cider before, but US-05 should be almost exactly the same strain and with that I have had excellent results.

On Wednesday night I started to see some activity and krausen building up. Figured all was well. However, today that krausen is already gone. I checked the gravity and it has changed almost none from the OG…hmmmmm :? .

I opened up the bucket and gave it a light stir to see if I can wake the yeast up. Turned up the heat a little too. I’m going to give it until tomorrow morning, take another gravity reading. If things have not changed, I’m going to pitch a mason jar of 1056.

Well I haven’t taken a gravity reading yet, but apparently a light stir and bringing the temp up to 69 vs. 66 has really kicked this thing into high gear.

I had two heaters on it (one hooked up to a ranco to monitor/control the temp) and another one without it which I forgot to check after a few hours. The one turned off (as it hit 69 with the ranco) and the other one did not, so I believe the cider got up to 73 with the surrounding air in the mid 70s. I’ve backed off the second heater and now just have the one with the ranco controlling the temp now that it is at 69.

The airlock is going crazy. I openned it up and I don’t se any krausen returning, which settled the other day, but there is plenty of activity. I’ll give it another day or two and take a gravity reading.

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