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Should I order dry or liquid yeast?

If the plan is to make a starter am I safe to order the liquid yeast? I am worried about shipping in the summer heat.

Our host ships with complimentary ice packs with liquid yeast.

The ice packs are probably better than nothing, but I wonder if they are really all that effective. Back in the day when I got my ingredients online I would order ice packs when I bought yeast. When the package arrived the ice pack was always melted and the yeast was at ambient temperature. This after three or four days in transit. I think a better alternative is to get your yeast from a local homebrew supply if you have one. If not, consider ordering the yeast separately with ice packs and have it shipped overnight delivery. Expensive I know, but your yeast would be safe. If the price for that is too steep you could use dry yeast if there is a suitable alternative for the liquid yeast you planned on using.

I was a little confused because when placing the order it said yeast is shipped with ice packs. However then there is an asterisk that says order dry yeast during the summer. LHBS is a great option only problem is our local guy only sells dry yeast. I cant say I blame him but he does not have what I need.

What I wondered was surely the liquid will not be in great shape when it gets here but if I am going to make a starter anyway does it matter?

I got some Wyeast last week from NB and it was really weak. Down here it is almost 100 degF.

Some liquid yeasts have a dry yeast equivalent. Internet searches for equivalent yeasts may help you out. Some of the charts you will find are more complete than others.

Go with dry.

Why not save your yeasts from the colder month brews in your fridge and use them in the warmer months

Little late for that now

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