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Should I have Pitched More Yeast?

I brewed my beer this past Saturday. The OG was supposed to be about 1.055, i knew i may be on the edge of a starter, but i still planned on pitching the dry pack of safale-05 that came with the kit. Before I pitched i took a reading and the OG was 1.067, but i had no more than one yeast packet, so i pitched the packet and moved on.

Will this brew be ok, what will be my likely outcome?

I’ve pitched one packet of US-05 in a gravity that high before and the beer turned out ok. Are you sure you measured the gravity correctly? That seems like quite a difference, especially if you are brewing an extract kit.

Yeah, I double and triple checked it. I was quite surprised as well. I pitched everything into the carboy so, i’m thinking the displaced water may be the reason. Does it make any difference that this was a partial mash? I doubt it, but thought i would atleast add that info.

i use 1 packet of US-05 up to an OG of 1.070 and have had great success.

You could have gotten an efficiency bump during the partial mash but that still seems like an awful lot. It’s possible the wort wasn’t mixed well if you topped off with water. Either way you’ll likely be fine with the one pack of 05, it’s a really strong yeast. Try to keep it as cool as you can, it’s a great yeast if kept in the low 60’s.

You don’t need a starter when using dry yeast. You can pitch into just about anything except really big beers with that yeast. I just pitched into a 1.090 DIPA 2 nights ago and got a roaring fermentation on my hands!

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