Should I gel this mostly-carbed IPA?

I brewed up an IPA for a Afghan war vet who is home on furlough. Unfortunately, the only way to get him some is to ship them to Connecticut, where he is home until a week from today. This means I need to have the beer I am sending ready and out the door via Fedex/UPS Ground tomorrow if I don’t want to pay a fortune in shipping (I’m probably shipping between 6-8 beers, or I could do a few 22oz bombers).

The beer is in the keg and just about fully carbed (I usually do the quick-carb method, so I have it hooked up @ high psi right now). I was planning on bottling off about a case’s worth tomorrow, packing up the box, and sending tomorrow.

Here’s the hiccup: the beer has a good amount of sediment in it since I just racked it last night and caught some yeast and such in the siphon. I would prefer to let settle it out or force it to settle. I have turned beers around this quickly with good results before, and have read about adding prepared gelatin to an already-carbed keg (sounds like its ok). I am primarily worried about something catastrophic like clogging the dip tube with gelatin at the bottom of this keg of beer that needs to get packaged and shipped tomorrow.

Anyone have any experience with this or thoughts?

Dude has been in Afghanistan? I don’t think he’ll mind a little sediment in his beer.

True statement. Sediment has likely been everywhere else while he was at that useless rock of a country.