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Should I even bother with fermentation?

I’m a beginner and brewed my 3rd batch last night. A Rye Stout.

After transferring the wort from the kettle to the fermentor I realized I mixed up my 5galon fermentors and had transferred the wort into a fermentor I had not sanitized! I felt SO stupid!

My question is: is it worth going through the fermentation? Is there a chance the batch may turn out ok, or should I just dump it and start over?

Please help!!

Absolutely! Ferment it! You’ve completed most of the brewing process. There is a good chance your wort will be fine.

Just reboil for 10 minutes chill and transfer to a sanitized fermenter.

Edit: I just saw this was last night. If you have a backup yeast this would work fine.

Thank you guys! Since it’s gonna be used for xmas gifts, my fear is that I’ll wait the 2 weeks, it’ll be ruined and I won’t have time to brew another batch, but I think I’ll risk it!

Taste before you wrap! :cheers:

Just remember, Beer was made for something like 4000 YEARS before the invention of sanitizer.

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