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Should I dump my batch?

I used PBW to clean my keg. 1.5 ounces into 2 gallons of water. When finished, i emptied the keg completely and then went right into it with 5 gallons of beer. I didn’t rinse the keg at all. Should I dump the batch? Would any PBW residue leave off flavors or could it be dangerous at that level of dilution?

i wouldn’t dump yet. let it carb and try it, i bet you’ll be ok. didn’t you sanitize after you pbw’d it?

No, i screwed up and went PBW out, beer in. Is it going to kill me?

It will only kill you a little bit. :cheers:

never dump a beer until your sure its bad. Its surprisingly more difficult than you think to infect a beer after fermentation since the alcohol helps stave off the bad critters. carb the beer up and try one then make your decision.

if it taste good. drink it. i doubt some PBW residue will hurt you very much. i remember getting my mouth washed out with soap and i’m still alive and kickin


^^^ which in the end makes you stronger! :cheers:

That stuff eats protein guess what your made of it should only eat part of your stomach :roll:

A friend of mine forgot to rinse his fermenter before adding the wort and the yeast went belly up but since it’s already fermented you may be all right your taste buds will tell you.

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