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Should I clear Caribou Slobber?

I’ve only been in the primary for a few days, but I will be going to a soda keg when its done. Just wanted to get thoughts on clearing it once it’s in the keg.

Is this recommended? I’ve never cleared my beer, but I think it would look better in the glass if I did.


Big D

How do you plan on clearing it?

Either Super Kleer or gelatin…or something someone else recommends.

I use gelatin on nearly every beer since I too like a commercial looking beer in the glass.

If you are not planning on re-using the yeast, you can simply chill down your fermenter and add the gelatin directly to your primary vessel before racking to your keg.

Then of course you can add the gelatin to the chilled kegged beer and just discard the first few pints.

I like using gelatin the keg. I just cold crash the beer in the primary for a few days, then add the gelatin to the keg when transferring from carboy to keg. Works good for me.

Now, if you can’t believe 2 Texans, who can you believe??? :mrgreen:

You might want to look into why your beer is cloudy.

Thanks for the help guys. I have never reused yeast…(not that advanced…yet). I’ll put that on my list of things to look into.

So I think I will clear it in the primary.

It’s not terribly cloudy, but I’d like it to be crystal clear. I think part of my problem is I try to get too much out of the primary so I end up getting some of the cloudy beer from the bottom of the primary into the keg. I have to learn to be less greedy and not try to get every last drop.

Thanks again!

Big D

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