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Should I be scared to pitch Conan into a stout?

Standard kinda-dry stout nothing too special. I’ve got the Imperial version of Conan on hand and I’m gonna do NE IPA next so considering how it might work in the stout.

I could overpitch and keep temp low hoping to keep the esters from getting out of hand.

I think it would work really well in a stout more like a tropical stout what strain do you have is one of theses GigaYeast (GY054 Vermont IPA) and The Yeast Bay (Vermont Ale), East Coast Yeast’s version, Northeast Ale,

And, if with the dark malt being somewhat a challenge to dry it out… use common table sugar… Sure dark gives a dry sharp tongue feel to it… just think what sugar will do to allow the dark malt to shine in the presence with alcohol … Just a thought. Sneezles61

I wouldn’t be afraid and I doubt you would taste the esters since I feel they would be overpowered by the malt character of the stout anyway. Do you plan on repitching to the ipa?

It’s the Imperial A04 “Barbarian” version.

I’ve never made a tropical stout. I’ll have to familiarize myself with that style.

Yes, I plan to repitch into the IPA. The stout would be 3rd gen and the 4th gen for the IPA.

I’ll think about the sugar idea. I’m not going for high gravity here, so my concern would be thinning out the body.

Ok thanks guys I feel a little better about the plan.

If you were worried about that you could sub some midnight wheat in the recipe

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Ah yes… I sometimes neglect how wheat brings subtle notes, a nice round mouthfeel to the party. I haven’t messed with the Midnight yet… I suppose it to helps with head retention? Sneezles61

FYI, the Conan stout turned out very well.

Simple, low ABV recipe

1.048/38 IBU
10% flaked barley
6% roasted barley
3 % choc malt
3% dark munich
The rest: 2-row

It really does not taste peachy at all. But there is just enough yeast presence for a little interest.

I would recommend Conan without hesitation for a stout.

I did keep temp low at 60 for first 3 days though.


I was just curious, how was the clarity of the stout with Conan??
A brewery in central Ohio uses a similar yeast in all of their brews and gets tasty but murky brews, including stouts.

And it makes for a very dark beer without the roasted/ toasted flavor.

Interestingly, it is very clear. And I didn’t cold crash either. I did use Whirlfloc in the kettle though. But for my first NEIPA I did too, and it was appropriately murky.

I think the haziness has a lot to do with the hop rates more than anything else. You may recall the thread I started about the “alternative late hopping method” or whatever I called it a couple months ago where I did a hopstand in a smaller volume and added it back to the main batch some time after the primary fermentation. That was a NEIPA, and the main batch that was chilled for several weeks before the hopstand was added was clear. then once all the late hops when in the beer was hazy… Just anecdotal, but it’s the hypothesis that I am working by.


I’m with ya @steeler_d. I’ve used that yeast and it’s dropped perfectly clear within weeks. That turbidity is coming from no kettle finings, lots of wheat and oats in the recipe, and hop polyphenols.

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