Should I add more yeast?

Last week I brewed a batch of Pirates Plunder DPA with a OG of 1.064
I pitched 1 package of wyeast 1028 dated 01/14/2015, and fermentation was good and now settled down.I was reading in the forum today and noticed a link to a yeast calculator.

According to the calculator:
Cells available 55 billion
Pitch rate as is 0.18cells/ ml/p
Target pitch rate cells 226 billion cells
Difference -171 billion cells
The calculator recommends using a yeast starter
I haven’t checked FG yet

Should I buy another package of wyeast and a yeast starter and do another aerate and pitch?
Am I using the calculator correctly?
Do you guys recommend using the yeast calculator?
Do you typically use yeast starters?

Thank you,

Matt K :cheers:

No point of adding more yeast now. I do recommend doing a starter for liquid yeast.

If it started then it’s probably fine. Yeast may have been a little stressed but not much you can do about that now.

In the future, use a yeast calculator to determine if you need a starter, or more than one pack, etc.

For now, take a gravity reading and see where it’s at.

yah, good advice. I am still learning new things.

Although, I wish that when I bought the kit, the NB salesman would have told me about that.

I had that happen to me in February at NB also. I bought an “North Coast limited edition” IPA kit that was clearanced out for half price. It had a really high OG around 1.070 so I bought the last two Wyeast packs they had for that style thinking it would be enough. I got home and noticed the dates on the Wyeast were 2.5 months old. I went to the yeast calculator and they were only 50% viable. I made a starter and all was good, but I feel like they should discount the Wyeast for the viability it has left. I feel taken advantage of, basically paying twice what I should have for yeast.

Eg: 50% viable = 50% off

I remember when I went to NB to buy my first kit, and asked about the difference between dry and liquid yeast, the salesman definitely suggested that Wyeast packs had more yeast cells. Some definite pushing of smack packs in that store.