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Short on the yield

I went to check my gravity yesterday and all was well. It was clearly ready for bottling so I prepped all the goodies and to my astonishment (reading the measuring along the side of the bucket) it was still a full gallon short of 5 gallons. This is after I noticed it was short a while back and boiled and quietly added a full gallons. WTH! I decided it was meant to be, expecting a super-concentrated version of my pale ale, and bottled anyway. What has happened when/if you guys tried this?

You should probably fill your carboy with five gallons of water and mark it off so you know where you need to get to before pitching the yeast. I’m guessing you boiled off to much or didn’t top off with enough. Was your gravity correct? The beer doesn’t just disappear you so must have lost some somewhere or not have had enough to begin with. My bet is you likely just have a stronger pale ale, you’ll be fine.

Beer goblins?

Definitely Beer Goblins!

I had a beer goblin drink 1 gallon once.

Definitely Beer Goblins![/quote]

I was too paranoid to suggest it. I’m glad someone else took the helm.

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