Short of hops supply

did see on the dutch tv the hops are running out sad news a bad season for the hops farmers but theydont say what kind of hops
so this means nb runs out of hops as well soon???

There’s always a hop shortage. I have a feeling this is not anywhere near the bad old days, where people would fish their hops out of the kettle to save for the next time. Prices may go up a bit. More producers are starting up, so I’m sure we’ll be fine in the long run.

In USA bittering hops may be in shorter supply. They will be supplemented with 2014 harvests in storage. More acres were planted to aroma hops last year than in previous years. European hop harvest was not very good. European growers rely on rain. A large part of the USA hop acres can be supplemented with irrigation. Rain was not very abundant in Europe.

I put as much credence in Dutch TV as I put in Dutch lager. :smile:
When supplies of the most popular hops run low it’s time to try out some new ones.
Do you live somewhere that you can grow your own?

no way to warm do live on a tropical island got still enough hops to brew untill the end of july do think
i did try to grow some hops to much sun and iguanas eating my flowers

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I would not worry to much. There may be a few hop varieties in short supply, but mostly available. Price may be a dollar more per ounce though. The applied laws of supply and demand.

If you have the room for a hop garden it may be worthwhile investigating which hops will grow in a warm humid climate. Humidity usually means downy mildews will be a problem.