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"Shining Star"

Any ideas how good “Shining Star” might be? Next order will include this kit. Looks like it’s a good beer. The hops blend looks like a winner.

I just brewed this kit on Friday. I know it will be a good 5 weeks or longer but I can’t wait to taste it. I’ll post a review after it’s done.

All ways looking at something different. Thanx

The hop additions look nice. Way lower OG then I like though in an pale ale.

+1, I’d be tempted to bump the OG up to 1.053 with 1lb light DME.

Love the Cent/Columbus combo for late additions. Grapefruit and pine are a nice pair.

Everyone loves to bump up the OG. At lot of people on this board must not have to drive much. :slight_smile:

Does adding the extra 1lb of DME change the taste at all?

Shouldn’t, the LME will give more flavor and the specialty grain will still provide enough character. Besides this is a hop forward beer.

In a hurry on this one! 2 weeks to ferment very active for 3 days then settled very clear. Boiled 5 oz. priming sugar, and racked beer with very little dead yeast tranfered. Beer smelled and tasted AWESOME. This could a hugh hit!

Couldn’t wait any longer and had to try one last night that had been bottled a week earlier. Taste was great and the citrus and piney taste was surely evident. I am having a hard time not drinking more of them knowing that they will get better with time.

Also sampled after 1 week in bottle. It’s gonna be a winner in a few more weeks. All the hop flavors just need time to meld. If your looking for a summer thirst quencher this is the one. Not high ABV but high in taste. NB has another winner!

After a side by side taste test with shining star and Dogfish 60 IPA. The results are that I’m ordering at least 2 more kits ASAP. Honestly it’s has such a great taste after 10 days in the bottles. Hops lovers… ya have to give this one a shot! Going to fridge now. Latter…

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