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"sheets" of scum at the bottom of bottles

Newbie brewer here, made 3 beers on my own (brown ale, alaskan amber clone, williams farmhouse ale). I have noticed something in the bottom of the bottles in the farmhouse that is probably done conditioning in the bottle today. There is a weird “sheet” of scum at the bottom of all of the bottles. It moves around if i shake the bottle at all. Could this mean the beer got infected? Im hoping its just yeast byproduct, but it looks pretty nasty, and is making me nervous.

Thanks from a first time poster, and sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

If you bottle condition, there will be a layer of yeast at the bottom. If you swirl up a bottle conditioned commercial example, you’ll see the same thing. Boulevard wheat is a good example. No worries.

Like he said its just yeast put it in the fridge for a couple if days then decant it into a glass.

As for cleaning the yeast scum, when a hot water rinse doesn’t clean it, I keep some PBW in a margarine container next to the sink. Put a generous pinch in, (I use a kitchen knife as a scoop) then add an inch or so of hot water, and let it soak. An hour or so soaking should be fine, but usually when I have this problem it’s when I’ve been drinking, and I usually don’t bother rinsing the PBW till morning.

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