Sharing the yeast

Hey all, I am beginning to brew 10 gal. Batches. I want to make a starter with the two Wyeast smack packs that I have for this recipie. Now according to Mr. Malty calcs. with using my stir plate and a 2000ml flask I need 1.26 liters or 1.33 qts. of starter. so can I just simply divide the starter equally among the two 5 gal. fermentors that I have or should they be made seperate thanks

If you’ve brought your single flask of starter to pitching temperature, decanted the excess “beer” from the starter, and swirled the remaining cake into suspension, I can’t see any reason why you can just pitch half the starter into each batch. The cell count should be approximately equal.

For future 10-gal batches, plan ahead and save some money on yeast. If you know that on the next brewday you’re going to use a specific yeast, make a 2-gal “starter” with second runnings from your mashtun and pitch one vial of the yeast, let it ferment out, then crash-chill it and divide into three Ball jars. Pitch one jar to each fermenter, save the third for the next time you want to use that particular yeast and repeat the process.