Sharing the hobby

I’m looking for ways to make home brewing enjoyable for my wife. What kind of things could I do to make her more involved with my hobby? I certainly don’t want to force it on her but feel like I haven’t made the right efforts to show her why I enjoy it so much. Maybe make wine? A fruit beer? Any ideas or advice would be appreciated.

Have her look over recipes and pick one. Then, involve her in any brewing related process that she wants to participate in.

Hobbies are personal. What you are interested in may not interest her at all. If you want to know what would make her interested in your brewing hobby, then you should ask her. She may tell you that she has absolutely no interest in that hobby. And that’s OK. My wife has no interest in brewing, but she supports me in my hobby. I support her in her hobbies and interests although they are not mine. And we support each other in the hobbies and interests that we both enjoy together. Perhaps the key is to not try and pull her into your brewing hobby, but rather find another hobby that you can share together.


That’s a great way to look at it.

I don’t know how long you have been married, I’ve been happily married for 40 years. She has her hobbies I have mine. Ill have to admit my wife loves my hobbies, keeps me out of her hair.:grinning:

What are HER hobbies?

You see where this is going, right?


She restores trunks , refinishes old chairs, quilts and plays the piano. Where are you going with this? Not sure of your meaning.

I believe he was talking to the original poster.

I was.

But where I was going…
My wife used to be an avid cross stitcher. She at various times also been into word search puzzles, and online Scrabble. If she wanted me to get involved in her hobbies, I might of hanged myself.


I tried to get my wife into it. She barely likes anything I make. It ended up being pointless to get her into beer or brewing. I wouldn’t force the issue.

I appreciate all the replies and realized that it’s probably the best idea to keep this hobby my own. We do have hobbies we share and she has some of her own. Thanks for the input.

I saw your profile about me section and got jealous.

She likes the brewing part. She likes drinking the beer too, and is a microbiologist by trade, so brewing is natural. What she is not into is my web-based brew journal, or recipe design. Or the home-made, logging temp controller. Or Internet forums.

The downside to having her involved is that I’m not allowed to brew, transfer, or bottle without her. And, what are we brewing next? Is always a negotiation.

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