Share your infection source

It might have been from something else. This was many years ago and I was still using plastic buckets at that time, which I know were a source of continual badness for many batches until I switched over to glass.

Its just this is the first time ive heard of anyone(pro or home brewer) say that they have got an infection from dry hoping. By the time you add dry hops the beer ph should be pretty low and the alcohol present should help combat any critters. Not to mention hops have a preservative quality.[/quote]
Interesting in that the only infection I had waswith a dry hopped beer. At the time though it was my second or third brew and my sanitation/proccess wasnt down quite yet. That was 5-6 years ago and I used and still have the same plastic buckets. ( I admit this thread reminds me I better replace em ) :cheers:

Tank if your still using those buckets then your infection was caused post fermentation (bottles) or else you would still be getting infections.

I have dry hopped ~50 beers without infection. I am a BIG believer that dry hopping can’t result in infection.

Yes I agree with dry hopping is probably a cause of infection. Something else came into play to get an infection. I do wash/clean ALL my equipment before, during and after I brew…… i’m not trying to be anal, yet, when I was introduced to brewing, the fellow told me since brewing is 25% of your time you best get used to cleaning/sanitizing the rest of the time…. Yes I’ve had 2 infections, being heavily into gardening, one was a fruit fly! Holding my bucket in my arms I helplessly watched it dive into my bucket… The other Using the same bucket a couple weeks later…. I hadn’t used star san back then…. I did take time then to switch, glass carboys and stainless steel… 12 years ago and none since. Sneezles61 :cheers:

I got lazy and let my airlock fluid get low. I bottled without tasting the beer, and it is one big acetic acid bomb. Very dissappointing.

I’m a big fan of using Orval and Jolly Pumpkin dregs as an infection source.

…oh, you mean unintentional. :cheers:

Considering that hops are added to beer to help stop infection, I highly doubt that dry-hopping can be a vector for this.

My 2 unintentional infections were from 1) adding fruit (beneficial infection from wild yeast) and 2) bottles not cleaned out properly (gushers + funky notes)