Shank wrench

I would like to disassemble my shanks from the beer tower for a thorough cleaning/inspection. All of my ‘normal’ wrenches are too thick to get in there and unscrew the narrow nut (and it’s a triple tower, so there is very little room in the first place between the shanks).

Can anyone tell me what size/brand of wrench you use to take these apart? I looked at Lowe’s, HD, etc and did not find anything of the thin variety that fit.


Can you get in with a crow foot on an extension? Cheap sets avail at harbor freight or on line.


This has worked for me


A screwdriver and a hammer is all I’ve ever used for this type of faucet.

The other type that has a small brass nut holding the hose end curved shank all you need to do is just loosen it and it pulls out.

Thanks guys. That makes complete sense, and easy enough.