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Shameless Plug for Votes In Sam Adams Contest

I have been selected as a finalist in the central region of the Samuel Adams Come Brew With Us contest. 1 winner from each region will get to go to Boston to brew at the Sam Adams Brewery. I need your support in getting votes to win the Central Region. The voting is a little confusing, so here are the instructions:

  1. Go to the link below
  2. Click the Enter button
  3. Enter your zip code (I am in the Central Region. If you live in another reqion, you can still select the Central region and vote for me.)
  4. Vote for Paul K please.
  5. Please forward to your Facebook friends who are 21 and older. ... index.aspx

Come Brew With Us

Bumping for votes… Voting ends Monday and I appreciate the support of forum members.

Thanks to all of those who have voted for me in the Sam Adams Come Brew With Us Contest. This is the last day of voting so if you haven’t helped out yet, I would really appreciate your votes. You can vote once in each Region. Select the regions by clicking on the map.

Paul K - Central Region

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