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Shakin' the Starter

I am making NB’s Black IPA this weekend. So, like a good little brewer, I pitched a starter last night of 1272 (Wyeast American Ale II). I have a 2L flask and had a total volume of about 1.8L to leave a little room.

I think Mr. Malty called for a 25 gallon starter, or something like that. But, whatever. I’m going with about 2L.

I don’t have a stir plate and have no plans to acquire one any time soon. But, I can certainly intermittantly shake. But, when I really give it a good shake, enought to stir up the yeast cake, a volcano of foam erupts.

DME was just under 180 grams.

So, is the intermittant shaking supposed to be more of a gentle swirl? Or do I need to get a 1 gallon growler or something like that to handle a 2L starter.

Thanks all.

looks like you posted this twice. refer to the other thread for my answer

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