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SH2B (Single-Hopped Best Bitter)

I brewed NB’s SH2B (Single-Hopped Best Bitter) Primary is finished and I pulled a sample to check FG, and of course drank the sample. I also just picked up a 6 pack of New Castles Limited edition Founders Ale (Pale Ale) very good beer, and yes it comes in a brown bottle and is not skunked. Any way, the NB SH2B (Single-Hopped Best Bitter) is a very close match.

Sounds good, always nice when homebrew matches up with a commercial product. What is the single hop?

Did you brew the AG kit? I brewed the extract kit last year and I don’t think it tasted anything like the NC Founder’s Ale, which has a fairly deep malty flavor. I think you’d need to brew with MO to achieve similarity.

I believe the kit came with Fuggles.

I brewed this from an extract kit a while back…by far my worst batch. It was my final extract kit before switching to AG.

I’m not ready to dump it…wanting to give it a little more time, but there’s sort of a “rubbery” taste to it. No idea what went wrong…I had pretty good results with all the other kits I did.

Interested to see if anyone else has experience with this kit and how it turned out.

I had to give up AG brewing when I moved, 2nd floor apartments and AG don’t go together well. I could do everything but the boil, I have a nice big deck but if anything happend and the pot tipped it would dump all over my neighbors stuff below me. Not worth taking the chance. The kit uses fuggles, and yes it was an extract kit and since it has just finished primary there could be a lot more flavor then there will be after bottling and conditioning. I will post a follow up.

I bottled this one a couple of weeks ago (extract) and agree that it was underwhelming. But it’s only been two weeks so I’m hoping I see an improvement, but I’m not very hopeful.

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