Set It & Forget (It my fist keg)

what is the best procedure for a 3 gallon keg carbonation, i am not in a any rush, but i also dont want sediment so i dont want priming sugar. there is so many opinion on fast carb syles. i would like to set my co2 to a certain pressure i guess set fridge to a temp and let it sit for one week. i have a 20 pound co2 bottle so gas is not a concern either. please help me figure this out.

Here is a very good link to kegging:

If you look down at the bottom there is a chart.

Find the “normal” volumes of CO2 your beer calls for. Get your beer to serving temp (the lower the temp the more CO2 is readily dissolved). Find the temp of the beer on the left and th volume you want. Track it up towards PSI and it will show you what to set your regulator to.

For example:

Say I brewed a cream ale which calls for 2.6 volumes and the beer is 35*. The regulator would be set at 11psi. On average you are usually pretty safe setting it at around 12psi but I always try to be as specific with my volumes as I can be.

+1 for your patience! I tried rolling. Worked great for my first two kegs. The third is a foamy mess right now!

One thing to add to this is that setting the preasure slightly above the value for the volume you want is completely fine. It will speed up the process a bit. How much higher will determine how quickly this will happen, and how likely overcarbonation will occur.

If you were to set your system say at 30-40 psi overnight, chances are you will not overcarbonate it, but the longer you leave it those odds will start going the other way and you could end up with very gassy beer.

If you are looking at 11psi as your ideal number, and you set it more like 15-16, it will speed up the process by a few days, and the chances of you overcarbing are not high as long as you are sampling it regualrily. Once you get it close to what you are looking for, I would bring that preasure back down to your ideal value.

I’ve noticed the set it and forget it method takes about the same amount of time as bottling. If you’re in no hurry to carb it in 2 weeks use this chart to find what to set the regulator to using beer temp and co2 vol. I usually carb all my beer at around 2.5.

The use of a diffusion stone also dramatically improves the speed and efficiency of the set and forget meathod.