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Set it and forget it?

I have a 2 tap setup that I usually drink about half the keg and then bottle the rest. I just picked up another CO2 tank and regulator to use to bottle with my beer gun. Can I use this same CO2 tank to carbonate a few kegs that I have aging/storing? It would be handy to have those kegs ready to go!

Why would you not be able to? :?

The tank/regulator don’t have a specific purpose in life when the leave the factory.


I am just new to this whole kegging thing. I just seems weird to me having kegs in my basement. I think I will learn to like it :slight_smile: .

You will learn to like it… I mean love it. Yes, you can absolutely do that. I use three 5-lb tanks in my system. 2 are used for dispensing 2 kegs each (split with a T) and the other is in another fridge for force-carbing and/or bottling. If one of the dispensing tanks goes down (which means 2 of my taps won’t pour), I use the force-carbing tank in that place, fill the tank at a local place and then use THAT one for the force-carbing. Kegging, WHOO! 8)

I am going to highly recommend keeping an eye on craigslist for a 20 lb tank. The price you pay for refills is so much labor it is ridiculous, i was refilling my 5 lb tank about every 3-4 weeks for around 15 bucks. When I got a 20 lb tank it was about 30 bucks to fill but it lasts me a year for carbing and serving.


Swapped the 5 I had for a 10. I also have 20 and it’s been a year without refilling. Carbing and pouring. 10 kegs? Maybe more? Soon I’m picking up a third. 10 or 20? I’m thinking 20! :smiley:

Good Luck

I use a 5lb tank for serving and a 20lb tank for carbing. Love having the 20lb tank.

Just like propane tanks, it’s always good to have backup CO2. I started with a 5# and later added a 20#. I use the 5# for serving and the 20# to force-carbonate. If the 5# goes empty, I just swap out the 20# for a few days until I get a refill.

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