Session Pale (my first?)

So, it turns out I will have some leftover malt from several different batches, enough it seems to make another batch of … what?
A little less than 1/3 of the bill will be Vienna grains, a little less than 1/3 Maris Otter grains, and the balance in Golden malt syrup. Plug it into my Brewer’s Friend and the gravity is about 1058, SRM of 6.58. Seems like a decent session pale, no?
What on earth should I pitch, and how should I hop it? I guess having a canvas that blank is a little overwhelming to me, since most of what I’ve ever brewed has been a modification of a recipe I got from someone/somewhere else.
My inclination is to hop well, and spicy (I like ESB’s and IPA/APa’s a lot), but should I pitch an English ale, a German ale, or even lager it? I don’t know where to begin based on the malt bill. Any suggestions welcome, even though I know it will all come down to personal preference.


as a follow up, I think I’m settling into an English Bitter, and hence boil some Kent Goldings, with a late addition of Northern Brewer (IBU ~45), and ferment with maybe a NeoBrittania…(?)
What do you think?

Sounds fine, though I’d use the Northern Brewer for the bittering and the Kent Golden for the late addition. But I really like KG flavor in a bitter, so personal preference as you said.

I agree with both sentences. Btw, what’s a ‘super alt’? Alt was far and away my favorite in Germany - a super alt must be one hell of a beer.

Sorry for the threadjack, just figured I’d answer the above question :cheers:

Super alt is NB’s take on the sticke alt

Just tapped the keg of this at a friend’s house yesterday, fermented at 56 with Wyeast 1007. ... n-kit.html

I’d highly recommend it if your a fan of alts.